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New Flyer - Microinjection and CRISPR Genome Editing Service | Drosophila and Mosquito view

New Flyer - Seamless Editing | Drosophila CRISPR Genome Editing Service view

New Flyer - Gene Knock-out | Drosophila CRISPR Genome Editing Service view

New Flyer - Tag and Reporter Knock-in | Drosophila CRISPR Genome Editing Service view


WellGenetics is dedicated to providing researchers professional services in generating transgenes and gene knockout/knockin in fly (Drosophila melanogaster) and mosquito (Aedes aegypti) models. Our team are composed of experts in molecular biology and in microinjection for generating variety of genetic tools, such as gene deletion, point mutation, gene reporters, tag knockin and RMCE knockin with/without selection marker to level-up your research quality.


Premium Quality Service, and Full Support — Each WellGenetics' CRISPR genome editing service project is designed, executed, and supervised by postdoctoral scientists, thus to ensure the quality and reliability of entire experiment process. Our postdoctoral scientists will also provide you free consulting service including, but not limited to, design of DNA construct, choice of vector and cloning site, and help on explain project report.


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