2024 Price Increase Notice

Dear Valued Customers,

Thanks for all your supports to WellGenetics. It’s our great pleasure to be your hand out of lab since 2015 to turn various editing ideas and latest technologies into fly. We insist to provide high quality services with the same price for these years that we only adjust price for limited items since 2018. But facing the inflationary spike, we have to increase 6-10% for our CRISPR package and construction/molecular biology items beginning from March 1st 2024 (1/3/2024 or 2024/3/1).

Non-melanogaster projects will no longer share the same price with melanogaster since they require more trials, reagents and manpower. New packages and prices will apply from March 1st 2024 (1/3/2024 or 2024/3/1).

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about our current services or any new service types. You are welcome to place your orders before the effective date to enjoy the lower price now. We are most happy to be part of your research.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Yawen Chen
Research Director
WellGenetics Inc.

March 1, 2024