Non-melanogaster Microinjection Services

WellGenetics provides Microinjection Services for phiC31, PiggyBac and CRISPR in other Drosophila species. We have successfully created CRISPR lines or transgenic lines for Drosophila simulans, Drosophila sechellia, Drosophila erecta, Drosophila yakuba, Drosophila santomea, Drosophila elegans, Drosophila pseudoobscura, etc. Other than listed species, feel free to contact us to discuss your projects.

You are welcome to place your order using our online order form. If you have questions when placing the order, feel free to contact us to discuss your projects.

If you would like to outsource us design and cloning, please refer to our Drosophila CRISPR Genome Editing Services or Customized Cloning and Gene Synthesis Services. It is our great pleasure to assist your research.

Service Type

  • The phiC31 (ΦC31) integrase system allows for site-specific integration of transgenes at high efficiency. Please provide us your attB-containing plasmids and attP-containing founder strains.
  • The PiggyBac transposable element is an effective gene transfer vector across insect species. Please provide us your PiggyBac transformation plasmids.
  • TThe CRISPR provides the most reliable and versatile way to edit genome. Please prepare your own reagents, such as gRNA-expressing DNA plasmid or gRNA transcript, with or without donor plasmid. You can supply Cas9 by founder line, DNA plasmid or recombinant protein.

Non-melanogaster Microinjection
Plasmid Prep.

(2 weeks)
(5-6 weeks)
200 embryos Microinjection
Plasmid DNA Prep. Service (Add-on)
  • Plasmid preparation to provide QIAGEN quality DNA for microinjection.
  • Just provide us 4 µg plasmid DNA.
Microinjection Service
  • 200-embryos microinjection on your own non-melanogaster strain.
  • non-melanogaster Fly amplification (Add-on).
  • Handling fee for Drosophila simulans (Add-on), Drosophila sechellia (Add-on), and Drosophila erecta (Add-on).
  • We return survived larvae after microinjection.
  • We suggest G0 crosses for international shipment (Add-on).
Screening Service (Add-on)
  • Individual G0 cross.
  • F1 screen by w+ selection marker, or by RFP+/GFP+ screening (Add-on).
  • Return 5 unbalanced independent positive lines in maximum.
  • No guarantee for non-melanogaster project.

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