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Please provide 50 µg QIAGEN Plasmid Midi DNA. Or, please choose QIAGEN Plasmid DNA Prep Service and provide us 4 µg mini-prep plasmid DNA.
We provide guarantees on plasmid <13kb with correct cloning when the Screening Service is selected for PhiC31 and P-element.
We do not provide guarantees if the plasmid DNA is provided in bacteria stabs, in bacteria cultures, or on filter papers instead of liquid form. Because we are unable to validate the incoming samples by restriction digestion.
Your order will be processed once we receive the DNA samples with 50% payment or Purchase Order.

DNA Sample and Service Option
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0 pUC57-Kan-wg-3xP3-RFP Kan 6.5 Qiagen midi CRISPR Injection (US$212, A001) nos-Cas9 on III (suitable for w+ and fluorescent screening) QIAGEN Plasmid DNA Prep. (US$35, E001)
QIAGEN Plasmid DNA Prep. for 2 plasmids (US$70, E001*2)
3xP3-RFP (US$106, A002+A004)
pCFD4-wg-gRNA1/ Amp/ 7.2kb
pCFD4-wg-gRNA2/ Amp/ 7.2kb
0 pUAST-attB-wg Amp 13.2 QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit PhiC31 Injection (US$212, B001) VK00033 (3L 65B2) QIAGEN Plasmid DNA Prep. (US$35, E001)
w+ (US$53, B002)
PhiC31 Balancing (US$32, B003)

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